MCA GOLF Brings Strength of “Aluminum Vapor” to Irons with TENSEI™ AV AM2 Irons Series

Carlsbad, CA – (October 1, 2019) – Building on the success of their TENSEI™ AV Wood, and Hybrid Series, Mitsubishi Chemical is launching the new, powerfully versatile TENSEI™ AV AM(2) Irons Series.

“This series is really about the merging of two innovative technologies,” says Mark Gunther, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MCA GOLF. “It combines the strength and stability of our Aluminum Vapor (AV) Weave with the versatility of an Ascending Mass (AM) configuration to create a series of iron shafts that offers players exactly what they need from each and every iron.”

The Aluminum Vapor Weave debuted in the TENSEI™ AV Blue Woods Series. Fibers coated with aluminum vapor are used to produce a weave that is thinner and tighter than previous materials.  For the TENSEI™ AV AM(2) Irons Series the AV Weave is applied to the mid-section of the shaft, leading to both increased stability and enhanced clubhead feel.

“Feel is essential to great iron play, and these shafts are engineered to provide the feedback and responsiveness that a scoring touch requires,” says Gunther.

That touch is aided by the 2-gram Ascending Mass configuration – the “AM(2)” in TENSEI™ AV AM(2) Irons Series. As the set progresses from long irons to scoring clubs the weight of each shaft increases by 2 grams. This creates a gradual progression from faster-swinging, easier-launching long irons to more consistent and controllable short irons.

The AM(2) progression runs from 2I-GW for the AV Blue and 1I-GW for the  AV White Series. For the lightweight AV Red Series the progression begins with 8I to keep the long and mid irons as light as possible.

Available in AV Red (Lightweight), AV Blue (Midweight), and AV White (Heavyweight), TENSEI™ AV AM(2) Iron Series offer superior “through the set” performance to a wide array of players. They are best for any player who values the versatility of a series that blends longer, easier-launching long irons with consistent, precise scoring clubs.

TENSEI™ AV AM(2) Iron Series shafts are available through MCA GOLF authorized retailers and dealers nationwide, with a suggested retail price of $100 USD.

Weights and flexes:
TENSEI™ AV Red AM(2) – S Flex : 60g Ascending Weight
R Flex : 57g Ascending Weight A Flex : 55g Ascending Weight L Flex : 48g Ascending Weight TENSEI™ AV Blue AM(2) – S Flex : 70g Ascending Weight R Flex : 70g Ascending Weight
TENSEI™ AV White AM(2) – S Flex : 90g Ascending Weight
   X Flex : 94g Ascending Weight 
TENSEI™ AV Red AM(2) – High Launch and Mid Spin 
TENSEI™ AV Blue AM(2) – Mid Launch and Mid Spin
TENSEI™ AV White AM(2) – Low Launch and Mid/Low Spin

Technologies Featured:

Aluminum Vapor Weave is a woven material created using fibers coated in aluminum vapor through a vacuum-sealed deposition process. Thinner and tighter than previous weaves, AV allows MCA Golf engineers to add stability to a specific section of a shaft without added bulkiness. This gives greater control over EI (Elasticity Inertia) shape and smoothness while also helping prevent “ovaling” during impact.

By gradually increasing the weight of each shaft an Ascending Mass configuration gives players more of what they want from each iron. Longer irons are kept lighter for better swing speed and launch, while shorter irons are made heavier for greater consistency and control. Careful attention is placed to how and where the weight is added to maintain desired balance and performance throughout the set.

MCA GOLF, INC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation dedicated to designing and developing high performance composite golf shafts for discerning golfers everywhere. MCA GOLF, INC. leverages its own resources and raw materials through vertical integration, which gives it a competitive advantage.
Over the years, it has been a leading supplier of premium composite golf shafts worldwide. With many of the world's best players using its golf shafts, MCA GOLF, INC. has established itself as a dominant force in the golf industry.

For additional information, please contact:

Stacey Benvenuto
Brand Marketing / Tour Representative