MRC GOLF, INC. Debuts the BASSARA™ P-Series

Carlsbad, CA - (April 7, 2014) - MRC GOLF, INC. has officially introduced the BASSARA™ P-Series ultralight shaft. Like other BASSARA™ models, this is not simply a redesigned, lightweight version of our heavyweight models. Rather, it's a unique, premium design that incorporates the best materials, to give a stable feeling while still being lightweight.

Featuring the Phoenix emblem, the BASSARA™ P-Series utilizes elastic Titanium Nickel (TiNi) Wire in the tip section along with an optimized EI curve, for the utmost feel during your swing and at impact. Within the BASSARA™ series of products, this model was specifically designed for distance.

Also utilized in the BASSARA™ G- and W-Series, the TiNi Wire in the tip section is a super-elastic alloy that retains its elasticity and quickly reverts back to its original form, thus allowing for the shaft to revert to its original circular cross-section and efficiently transfer energy. The low-torque tip section is complemented by a stiff mid-section and moderate butt section. The result is a shaft that dynamically promotes energy transfer throughout the swing, while delivering a penetrating ball flight with low spin.


Product Profile


Product Profile Pricing & Availability

The BASSARA™ P-Series is available beginning April 15 through MRC GOLF authorized retailers and dealers nationwide, and has a suggested retail price of $400.

It's offered in the following weights and flexes:

BASSARA™ P-Series 30 (L, R)

BASSARA™ P-Series 40 (L, R)

BASSARA™ P-Series 50 (R, S, TS)


Cosmetic Overview

The BASSARA™ P-Series' finish is produced using a silver alloy Ion Plating as a base coat, to give the effect of a burning orange look that emulates the flames of the bird of fire. The tribal look around the shaft logo is done in a hologram decal, further increasing the premium aesthetics.


About Mitsubishi Rayon / Graphite Shafts

MRC GOLF, INC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Rayon Co., LTD., dedicated to designing and developing high performance composite golf shafts for discerning golfers everywhere. MRC GOLF leverages their own resources and raw materials (vertical integration), which gives them a competitive advantage. Over the years, MRC GOLF has been a leading supplier of premium composite golf shafts worldwide. With many of the world's best players using Mitsubishi Rayon golf shafts, MRC GOLF has established itself as a dominant force in the