MRC GOLF, INC. Debuts the Diamana™ R-Series

Carlsbad, CA - (September 2, 2014) - MRC GOLF, INC. has officially introduced the Diamana™ R-Series shaft for woods. This is the latest product in the long-standing Diamana™ brand.

Made exclusively at our facilities in Toyohashi, the Diamana™ R-Series builds on the active-tip profile first popularized with the original M-Series Red Board and later refined with the 'ilima™. It completes the global Diamana™ shaft series that already includes the B-Series and W-Series.

Diamana™ R-Series -- ideal for better players seeking mid spin, high launch and more distance from the Diamana™ brand -- has similar impact feel and launch characteristics to the 'ilima™. That said, three proprietary technologies make it stand out.

MRC's 3G Multi Dimensional Interlay (MDI) has been the foundation of the new Diamana™ Series, beginning with the B-Series in 2012. Used in the butt section, it includes thin, high-modulus and ultra-strong DIALEAD™ prepreg utilizing pitch fiber instead of traditional carbon fiber, which gives us more precise control over material usage and placement. This helps us optimize bend and torsional profiles, and prevents deformation while increasing overall control. Oriented in the hoop direction, the DIALEAD™ decreases ovaling in the downswing and transfers energy more efficiently to the ball at impact. 3G M.D.I. also has less open space than multi-axis weaves, which means fewer gaps in the prepreg. That leaves less room for the fibers to bend and distort, yielding a stronger design.

The tip section of the new Diamana™ R-Series features our Tough-QURE™ fast-curing resin system that cures harder and 50 percent faster than traditional resin systems. Our proprietary Block Copolymer Technology allows Tough-QURE™ to link elastic and durable polymers together, delivering a prepreg that makes the shaft section stronger than traditional designs without sacrificing impact feel.

Because of its high trajectory and draw bias characteristics, the R-Series is an ideal shaft for the popular low center of gravity, low-spin woods.


Product Profile


Pricing & Availability

The Diamana™ R-Series will be available through MRC GOLF authorized retailers and dealers nationwide beginning August 1, and will have a suggested retail price of $400.


The shaft is offered in these weights and flexes:

Diamana™ R-Series 50 (R, S, X)

Diamana™ R-Series 60 (R, S, X)

Diamana™ R-Series 70 (S, X)

Diamana™ R-Series 80 (S, X)


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