MRC GOLF, INC. Debuts First-Ever TENSEI™ Shaft

Carlsbad, CA (August 21, 2015) -- MRC GOLF introduces the first shaft of its new brand, TENSEI™. The TENSEI™ CK Series Blue features a multi-material design that optimizes a classic, tour-proven MRC GOLF bend profile, to enhance performance and efficiency.

The Japanese word “Tensei” translates to “transformation” in English -- a more-than-appropriate name for this new brand, as the TENSEI™ CK Series integrates more advanced materials than we’ve ever used before into a single shaft series. While a typical shaft series includes three-to-six materials, the TENSEI™ CK Series combines 11 different prepreg materials, including our Low Resin Content (LRC) Prepreg, and for the first time a Carbon-Kevlar weave featuring MRC Carbon Fiber. The innovative, performance driven new design takes our classic tour-proven bend profile to an entirely new level of performance.

The TENSEI™ CK Series Blue shaft modernizes MRC GOLF’s classic, smooth “Blue” bend profile through the use of a multi-material design, including the Carbon-Kevlar weave in the butt section -- further refining the shaft’s overall bend profile and improving feel. This makes it a versatile fit for many player types and driver/fairway wood needs.

Advanced Multi-Material Design

Eleven materials are used strategically throughout the various TENSEI™ CK Series designs, to lower spin rates and significantly enhance feel.

Low Resin Content (LRC) Prepreg in the shaft’s lower third creates a tighter shot dispersion. With up to 13% more carbon fiber and 10% less resin than standard prepreg, this material has fewer gaps and voids to help create more consistent performance, increased stability and strength, and a less harsh impact feel. At 50-micrometers, our proprietary ultra-thin prepreg throughout the shaft is significantly thinner than the typical 120-micrometer prepreg, allowing us to fine-tune and smooth the shaft’s EI curve, and minimize the impact of the shaft spine through the application of multiple layers of this premium material.

The Carbon-Kevlar weave featuring MRC Carbon Fiber lies in the butt section, and is strategically positioned under a golfer’s control hand to maximize feel and feedback by smoothing out the bend profile and filtering out unwanted vibration.


Who It’s Best For

Players who want the versatility of a traditional mid-launch, smooth bend profile that’s modernized with today’s more advanced materials and resin systems.


Product Profile


Pricing and Availability

The TENSEI™ CK Series Blue profile will be available through MRC GOLF authorized retailers and dealers nationwide, and has a suggested retail price of $250 USD. Specifically for drivers and fairway woods, this shaft is offered in the following weights and flexes:

TENSEI™ CK Series Blue 50-gram (R, S, X)
TENSEI™ CK Series Blue 60-gram (R, S, X)
TENSEI™ CK Series Blue 70-gram (R, S, X)



MRC GOLF, INC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Rayon Co., LTD., dedicated to designing and developing high performance composite golf shafts for discerning golfers everywhere. MRC GOLF leverages their own resources and raw materials (vertical integration), which gives them a competitive advantage. Over the years, MRC GOLF has been a leading supplier of premium composite golf shafts worldwide. With many of the world's best players using Mitsubishi Rayon golf shafts, MRC GOLF has established itself as a dominant force in the golf industry.


For additional information please contact:

Stacey Benvenuto

Brand Marketing/PGA TOUR Representative