MRC GOLF, INC. Expands KURO KAGE™ XT and XM Offerings

Carlsbad, CA - (January 8, 2016) - MRC GOLF, INC. has expanded its premium XT and XM shafts featuring Titanium Nickel (TiNi) wire, by adding additional weights. The shaft family continues to be an extremely popular choice among top amateur golfers and a success on the major global tours with 12 Driver Shaft wins this past season. 

The newest additions to the XT and XM woods series include a 50-gram weight offering that is available in a variety of flexes including a TX Flex for the XT series. 

“The addition of a 50-gram weight option was in response to the overwhelming success and demand for these profiles,” says Mark Gunther, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MRC GOLF. “We wanted to ensure we could fit a full range of players.”

Made exclusively at our facilities in Tokyo, Japan the KURO KAGE™ XT and XM profiles features two key technologies: Low Resin Content (LRC) Prepreg and Titanium Nickel (TiNi) Wire. The usage of premium 40 and 46 Ton carbon fiber as well as an ultra-long 13 inch application of the Titanium Nickel (TiNi) wire prepreg in the tip-section delivers a potent combination of power and control to compliment the different bend profiles. Both XT and XM shafts are finished in a rich ION Plating, creating a stunning and sophisticated surface.


Low Resin Content Prepreg (LRC)

Using less resin than in traditional prepreg allows us to create a higher density of carbon fiber, without adding weight. The result is added strength with enhanced feel.


Titanium Nickel (TiNi) Wire

TiNi Wire in the KURO KAGE™ XT and XM is an elastic yet extremely strong wire, with the unique ability to stretch and then immediately regain its original shape. This stretching action allows the shaft to efficiently transfer and unload energy. It also creates extra strength and stability, to reduce shaft deformation at impact. The result is distance with control.


40 and 46 Ton Carbon Fiber

Utilizing prepreg with higher modulus fibers in the tip section further enhances these profiles by adding stability and strength to the shaft without adding weight.


Who’s It Best For

KURO KAGE™ XT – stiff tip and butt-section, plus lower torque accommodates more aggressive players who are seeking a lower launching-lower spinning profile.

KURO KAGE™ XM – moderate tip and mid-section, plus lower torque accommodates the players seeking a higher launching-higher spinning profile, without sacrificing stability and control.


Pricing & Availability

The KURO KAGE™ XT and XM will be make available in limited quantities through MRC GOLF authorized retailers and dealers nationwide beginning January 8th, and has a suggested retail price of $400 USD.


KURO KAGE™ XT and XM are offered in the following weights and flexes:


KURO KAGE™ XT 50 (R, S, X, TX)

KURO KAGE™ XT 60 (R, S, X, TX)




KURO KAGE™ XM 50 (R, S, X)

KURO KAGE™ XM 60 (R, S, X, TX)




About Mitsubishi Rayon / Graphite Shafts

MRC GOLF, INC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Rayon Co., LTD., dedicated to designing and developing high performance composite golf shafts for discerning golfers everywhere. MRC GOLF leverages their own resources and raw materials (vertical integration), which gives them a competitive advantage. Over the years, MRC GOLF has been a leading supplier of premium composite golf shafts worldwide. With many of the world's best players using Mitsubishi Rayon golf shafts, MRC GOLF has established itself as a dominant force in the golf industry.


For additional information please contact:

Stacey Benvenuto

Brand Marketing/PGA TOUR Representative