A stylish, versatile, mid launching, low spinning, high balance point profile that is sure to be a favorite of both golfers and club fitters.

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Since its introduction in 2017 the C6™ line of products has received continued praise from Club Fitters and consumers alike, but something was missing. The new C6™ ONYX will be the premier series in the C6™ family. A stylish new look for C6™ ONYX is only out shined by the performance. Offering a Mid Launch, Low Spinning, High Balance Point profile C6™ ONYX will offer unparalleled versatility in the C6™ line. Club fitters will find the Mid Launch profile fits the widest range of players and the Higher Balance Points offers more options ways to gain distance.

Who it’s best for? The golfer who wants an all-purpose Mid launching, Low Spinning profile with a Higher Balance Point.

  • Specifications
    Shaft NameFlexLength (in)Weight (g)Tip O.D. (in)Tip Length (in)Butt O.D. (in)Torque (degrees)Kick Pt.
    C6™ ONYX 40A46"490.3353.00.5986.0MID
    C6™ ONYX 50A46"550.3353.00.6124.9MID
    C6™ ONYX 50R46"570.3353.00.6154.8MID
    C6™ ONYX 50S46"590.3353.00.6184.5MID
    C6™ ONYX 60R46"630.3353.00.6144.5MID
    C6™ ONYX 60S46"660.3353.00.6184.4MID
    C6™ ONYX 70S46"740.3353.00.6174.2MID
  • Technology
  • EI Chart
  • Fitting
    Driver Speed (mph)/Driver Carry (yds)80/21081-90/210-23991-105/240-259106/260
    C6™ ONYX 40A
    C6™ ONYX 50ARS
    C6™ ONYX 60RS
    C6™ ONYX 70S
  • Tip Trimming Information


    3 Wood

    5 Wood

    7 Wood

    9 Wood