Kai'li White

Kai'li White

As more than 85% of the ocean remains undiscovered, any shaft launched under the Kai’li name is representative of another discovery in shaft innovation by the engineers of Mitsubishi Chemical.

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Kai’li™ White explores new depths of power and performance in a low-launch, low-spin driver shaft. Designed to keep torque low under the demands of today’s high-velocity swings, Kai’li White features an extremely strong MR70-reinforced tip to promote consistent center-face impact and tighter dispersion. Additionally, a taper butt design – the first in a Mitsubishi Chemical low-launch profile – along with Super Low Resin Content (S.L.R.C.) Prepreg and increased carbon fiber ratio in the torque core produce a smooth, responsive feel in the hands not often associated with low launch profiles.

Flight without Sacrificing Feel: Already a winner on tour, Kai’li White features an exclusive Super Low Resin Content Prepreg in the most consequential part of the golf shaft for feel: the torque core. This application allows for an increased volume of carbon fiber to help drive torque lower, increase stability, and provide greater frequency response to the golfer’s hands... even in a low launch shaft.

  • Specifications
    Kai'li™ White 60R46650.33530.6284.2High
    Kai'li™ White 60S46680.33530.6304.1High
    Kai'li™ White 60X46690.33530.6324.1High
    Kai'li™ White 60TX46690.33530.6343.2High
    Kai'li™ White 70S46750.33530.6363.8High
    Kai'li™ White 70X46770.33530.6373.7High
    Kai'li™ White 70TX46780.33530.6342.7High
    Kai'li™ White 80S46840.33530.6413.3High
    Kai'li™ White 80X46860.33530.6453.3High
    Kai'li™ White 80TX46870.33530.6382.7High
  • Technology
  • Fitting
    Driver Speed MPH/YDS81-90/210-23091-105/241-259>106/>260
    Kai’li™ White 60RSX/TX
    Kai’li™ White 70SX/TX
    Kai’li™ White 80SX/TX
  • Tip Trimming Information
    Driver3 Wood5 Wood7 Wood9 Wood
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