The Japanese word “Tensei” means “transformation” in English -- a more-than-appropriate name for this franchise. Every shaft in the TENSEI family is representative of another transformation in materials and construction.


The new MMT™ Iron utilizes a breakthrough Metal Mesh Technology to redefine the possibilities for feel and performance.


We wanted to give our premium authorized club builders and fitters an exclusive line of high-performance golf shafts that can be fine-tuned to a golfer’s specific performance needs.


These shafts are not just re-engineered, lightweight versions of our heavyweight models. They’re specifically designed to use our most innovative materials in new ways, providing great stability while shaving off precious grams.


The OT™ Iron shafts originated in Japan in our "idea lab" called FRANKI™ named for the Japanese word for incubator - "Fooranki". This group of designers, engineers, tour reps and other specialists spend their time and energy creating new ways of doing things. No matter how crazy they seem.