Welcome to the Mitsubishi Chemical Shaft Archive. Please find a list of our most recent archived and/or discontinued shaft models, sortable by product type and brand. Choose type or filter in drop-down then click on product name to access original product page, specifications, and available materials.

Model Shaft Profile Replacement
WoodDiamanaX-Series (X'17)Mid Launch/Mid-Low SpinDiamana TB
WoodDiamanaBF-SeriesMid Launch/Mid-Low SpinDiamana TB
WoodDiamanaDF-SeriesLow Launch/Low SpinDiamana PD
HybridDiamanaThump Hybrid SeriesMid-Low Launch/Mid-Low SpinThump Hybrid 2nd Generation
IronDiamanaThump Iron SeriesMid-Low Launch/Mid-Low SpinOTi Irons
WoodTENSEI AV Blue SeriesMid Launch/Mid-Low SpinTENSEI AV RAW Blue
HybridTENSEI AV Blue HybridMid Launch/ Mid SpinAV RAW Blue Hybrid
Hybrid/IronTENSEI AV Silver Hybrid IronMid Launch/Mid Spin
WoodTENSEI CK Pro Red SeriesMid-High Launch/Mid Spin
HybridTENSEI CK Pro Red HybridHigh Launch
WoodTENSEI CK Pro Blue SeriesMid Launch/Mid-Low SpinTENSEI AV RAW Blue
HybridTENSEI CK Pro Blue HybridMid LaunchTENSEI AV RAW Blue Hybrid
WoodTENSEI CK Pro White SeriesLow Launch/Low SpinTENSEI 1K Pro White
HybridTENSEI CK Pro White HybridLow LaunchTENSEI AV RAW White Hybrid
WoodTENSEI CK RedHigh Launch/Mid-High Spin
WoodTENSEI CK OrangeMid Launch/Low SpinTENSEI AV RAW Orange
WoodTENSEI CK WhiteLow Launch/Mid-Low SpinTENSEI AV RAW White
WoodKuro KageXD SeriesLow Launch/Low SpinTENSEI Pro White 1K
WoodBassaraTB SeriesMid-High Launch/Mid Spin
WoodBassaraCD SeriesMid-High Launch/Mid-Low Spin
HybridOTOT Hybrid SeriesMid Launch/Mid-Low SpinMMT Hybrid
IronOTOT Tour Irons (Taper Tip) Mid Launch/Mid-Low SpinMMT Taper

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