OEM Index

Welcome to the Mitsubishi Chemical Shaft OEM Partner Index. We're proud to work with the best names in golf. Please find a list of our most recent partner shaft models, sortable by product type and partner brand. Choose type or filter in drop-down then click on product name to access original product page, specifications, and available materials. Shafts older than 3 years are accessible in our Shaft Archive section.

Model Shaft Profile
WoodDiamanaS+ Limited WoodsMid Launch/Mid SpinVarious
WoodDiamanaPlus Limited HybridMid Launch/Mid SpinTaylormade
HybridDiamana Thump Hybrid 2nd GenMid-Low Launch/Mid-Low SpinTaylormade
WoodTENSEI AV RAW OrangeMid Launch/Low SpinVarious
WoodTENSEI AV RAW BlueMid Launch/Mid-Low SpinVarious
WoodTENSEI AV RAW WhiteLow Launch/Low SpinVarious
HybridTENSEI AV RAW Blue HybridMid Launch/Mid SpinVarious
HybridTENSEI AV RAW White HybridLow Launch/Low SpinVarious
IronTENSEI AV AM2 Red IronHigh Launch/Mid SpinTitleist
IronTENSEI AV AM2 Blue IronMid Launch/Mid SpinTitleist
IronTENSEI AV AM2 White IronLow Launch/Mid-Low SpinTitleist
HybridKai'liKai'li Red HybridHigh Launch/Mid SpinComing Soon
WoodKuro Kage5th Generation SilverMid Launch/Mid-SpinTaylormade
WoodKuro Kage5th Generation BlackMid-High Launch/Mid SpinTitleist
HybridKuro Kage5th Generation Black HybridMid-High Launch/Mid SpinTitleist
WoodFubukiMV WoodMid-High Launch/Mid SpinTitleist
IronFubukiMV IronMid-High Launch/Mid SpinTitleist
IronMMT Iron - ParallelMid Launch/Mid SpinPXG
IronMMT Iron - TaperMid-LowLaunch/Mid-Low SpinVarious
WoodMMT MMT WoodMid Launch/Low SpinCallaway
HybridMMT MMT HybridMid Launch/Low SpinVarious
Hybrid IronTENSEIAV Silver HY/IR-Various

For press inquires, technical data, or more information on partner program shafts not listed on this page, please click here or call 760.929.0001 to contact the MCA team.