Kai'li White Hybrid

Kai'li White Hybrid

Kai’li White Hybrid shafts bring the low-launch, low-spin performance of Kai’li White wood shafts into the hybrid category.

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Coming Soon. Kai’li White Hybrid shafts were built to bring strength and stability that hybrids sometimes lack. Reinforced with aerospace grade MR70 material, Kai’li White Hybrid shafts provide additional tip strength and penetrating, low-launch, low-spin launch conditions to a club that can at times be difficult to control. Kai’li White Hybrid shafts are built in a wide range of flexes from 80 R through 100 TX to bring consistent Kai’li White performance to as many players as possible.

Player Profile: Kai’li White Hybrid shafts are ideal for golfer looking for added stability and tighter dispersion in their hybrids.

  • Specifications
    ShaftFlexLengthWeightTip O.D.Tip LengthButt O.D.TorqueKick Point
    Kai'li White Hybrid 80R42800.3740.612.7High
    Kai'li White Hybrid 80S42820.3740.612.7High
    Kai'li White Hybrid 80X42840.3740.6182.7High
    Kai'li White Hybrid 80TX42860.3740.6182.7High
    Kai'li White Hybrid 90S42910.3740.6182.6High
    Kai'li White Hybrid 90X42920.3740.6182.6High
    Kai'li White Hybrid 90TX42940.3740.622.6High
    Kai'li White Hybrid 100TX421060.3740.6282.5High
  • Technology
  • Fitting
    Driver Speed MPH/YDS<80/<21081-90/210-23085-95/220-25091-105/241-259>106/>260
    Kai’li™ White 80RR/SSX
    Kai’li™ White 90SS/XX/TX
    Kai’li™ White 100TX
  • Tip Trimming Information