MMT™ Woods

MMT™ Woods brings the performance benefits of Metal Mesh Technology (MMT™) to driver and fairway metals. Push your power farther with this unique combination of strength and responsiveness.


MMT™ Woods brings the performance benefits of MMT™ to driver and fairway woods. Based on the success of MMT™ Irons, MMT™ Woods are the next leap for this powerful innovation. MMT™ Woods feature the same Metal Mesh Technology (MMT™), but strategically adapted to maximize performance within the lighter and thinner-walled structure of Driver/Hybrid shafts versus Irons. Applied in the grip section the metal mesh provides an area of focused strength and stability to create a shaft that feels stout but produces a satisfying, clean feel – even at higher swing speeds produced by better players. The increase in density from MMT™ also allows for an optimum balance point with no reduction in responsiveness.

Who it’s best for? MMT™ Woods are perfect for higher swing speed players who wants to experience the powerful mix of strength and feel created by Metal Mesh Technology™.

  • Specifications
    Shaft NameFlexLength (in)Weight (g)Tip O.D. (in)Tip Length (in)Butt O.D. (in)Torque (degrees)Kick Pt.
    MMT™ Wood 60R46630.3353.00.6044.9MID
    MMT™ Wood 60S46660.3353.00.6084.2MID
    MMT™ Wood 60X46680.3353.00.6123.5MID
    MMT™ Wood 60TX46690.3353.00.6123.4MID
    MMT™ Wood 70R46690.3353.00.6124.2MID
    MMT™ Wood 70S46730.3353.00.6163.7MID
    MMT™ Wood 70X46760.3353.00.6203.1MID
    MMT™ Wood 70TX46770.3353.00.6203.1MID
    MMT™ Wood 80S46810.3353.00.6143.4MID
    MMT™ Wood 80X46850.3353.00.6183.2MID
    MMT™ Wood 80TX46860.3353.00.623.1MID
  • Technology
  • EI Chart
  • Fitting
    Driver Speed (mph)/Driver Carry (yds)<80/<21081-90/210-23091-105/241-259>106/>260
    MMT™ Wood 60RSX/TX
    MMT™ Wood 70RSX/TX
    MMT™ Wood 80SX/TX
  • Tip Trimming Information
    Driver 3 Wood5 Wood7 Wood9 Wood