TENSEI™ 1K Black

TENSEI™ 1K Black

Focused application of leading-edge 1K carbon fiber material with a premium, stealth matte finish.

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TENSEI™ 1K Black is built specifically to suit powerful swings with no sacrifice in feel and responsiveness. TENSEI™ 1K Black utilizes a focused application of 1K carbon fiber, the same high-performance material featured in TENSEI™ 1K Pro White, to increase strength in the handle, drive down torque and provide the signature “1K feel.” TENSEI™ 1K BLACK also utilizes Mitsubishi’s Xlink Tech™ Resin System in the tip section to bolster the shaft’s tip strength and increase the shaft’s durability. Tip stiffness and torque are further controlled through the use of 40-ton carbon fiber in the shaft’s construction. Add the subtle, yet premium matte clear finish and you get a shaft that gives high speed players the low launch, low spin performance with great feel they need with the good looks they desire. 

  • Specifications
    TENSEI™ 1K Black 65S46670.33530.6003.6HIGH
    TENSEI™ 1K Black 65X46680.33530.6023.5HIGH
    TENSEI™ 1K Black 65TX46690.33530.6183.5HIGH
    TENSEI™ 1K Black 75S46760.33530.6003.6HIGH
    TENSEI™ 1K Black 75X46780.33530.6043.5HIGH
    TENSEI™ 1K Black 75TX46790.33530.6143.0HIGH
    TENSEI™ 1K Black 85S46890.33530.6183.2HIGH
    TENSEI™ 1K Black 85X46900.33530.6203.2HIGH
    TENSEI™ 1K Black 85TX46900.33530.6102.8HIGH
  • Technology
  • Fitting
    Driver MPH/YDS80/21081-90/210-23991-105/240-259106/260+
    TENSEI™ 1K Black 65SS/XX/TX
    TENSEI™ 1K Black 75SS/XX/TX
    TENSEI™ 1K Black 85SS/XX/TX
  • Tip Trimming Information
    Driver3 Wood5 Wood7 Wood9 Wood